Double Your Speed!

Drummers are able to double their speed while staying relaxed by combining wrist and finger strokes.  In this video lesson I demonstrate an exercise for developing the finger sensitivity and strength necessary for playing smooth double strokes.  Pay close attention to the details outlined in this lesson as there are multiple aspects to be considered when working on this exercise.  Likewise, watch out for common problems which are also detailed in this video. Double strokes are an extremely effective technique and they are very much worth the effort.  Take your time with this advanced concept and practice it daily so you will have nice smooth doubles.


The Shuffle

Looking for a fun, challenging and worthwhile beat to work on?  The Shuffle is based on triplets, so getting comfortable with triplets first is the way to go.  When counting triplets we say: "One And Ah, Two And Ah, Three And Ah, Four And Ah."  As with any new rhythm, counting out loud is highly recommended when working on the Shuffle as it helps us to know where we are within the rhythm and where any mistakes are occurring.  The first type of Shuffle shown utilizes "Up/Down" technique in both hands which presents a challenge.  Take your time and be sure you maintain the steady "Up/Down" on the Hi Hat while working on bass drum placement.  I've also included some alternate approaches where the cymbal treatment differs.  Have fun and go for it!

A Fun Drum Fill

A Fun And Powerful Drum Fill.

This three beat lick is super fun and a very powerful drum fill that will impress your friends and relatives!  This fill idea goes by the name of "Herta".  Here I show it in three positions, most students find the first position to be the most accessible.  Once again 'Up/Down" technique is involved, as an accent is part of it.  In these examples I play the lick in it's three positions as a full 4 count fill in both the 16th note and triplet setting.  This idea can also be played for a shorter duration or mixed with other fill ideas that you might have.  Get this lick under your belt for a thunderous effect that is sure to dazzle!