16th Note Hi Hat

16th Note Hi-Hat

In this video lesson we will be checking out some 16th note hi-hat possibilities based on alternating sticking.  Often drummers will utilize different cymbal treatments over any given snare and bass drum pattern.  This approach allows us to create different cymbal textures while maintaining the underlying rhythmic pulse.  There is much drummers can do to create interesting textures while having both hands playing the hi hat.  We can play on top of a tight hi hat for a clean sound, or for a more rough sound loosen it up a bit and play on the edge.  Likewise, adding accents and double stokes can really spice things up.  Syncopating the snare by bringing some lefts down to snare is really fun too!  Take a look at the possibilities presented in this video and then go practice and see what you can come up with.  Have fun!