Drums Lessons Vancouver

Trusted By Parents, Liked By Students

Our son, Taylor, had John as a drum teacher for 5 years. Taylor thoroughly enjoyed his time learning from John. He was patient, relaxed, encouraging and inspirational.  As a parent I can absolutely recommend John to help guide your child's musical journey.

Steve Sukert - Parent

Drum Teacher Drum Lessons Vancouver

John's knowledge, devotion and patience with instruction helped shape my early years as a drummer. His teachings helped develop my own sense of style and groove that I still carry on to this day. He is a master of his craft and rightfully deserves that title!

Taylor Sukert

John's commitment to his students and profession is commendable and deserves recognition.  Thank you very much for being James' teacher and friend, you have made, and left, a huge positive impression on my son.

Dorothy Zielke - Parent

Drum Lessons Drum Teacher Vancouver

Over the five years that John has taught me on the drums, he's been an amazing teacher and mentor.  John always inspired me to develop my skills and abilities.  Best of all, John has taught me how to see my potential and how to reach for it. Thank you for being an awesome teacher and a great friend.

James Zielke

We have been both pleased and impressed at how quickly our son's drumming has advanced under John's instruction.  Our son's confidence has flourished as has his own love of learning and playing.  John's passion is certainly catching!

Deidre Lacroix - Parent

Drum Lessons Drum Teacher Vancouver

John teaches in a personal way that fits the skills of each student. Taking his lessons has made me learn a wide variety of music styles which is very important for a musician to have.  John has inspired me to continue music outside of my lessons whether at school or elsewhere.
André Lacroix

John has been teaching my son drums for almost 3 years.  John is a perseverant, patient and professional teacher who never gives up and always praises every accomplishment, be it big or small.  He has been a great teacher and mentor, giving my son lots of confidence.  We are fortunate to have John and we highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in private drum lessons.

Angela Culley - Parent

John is a wonderful drum teacher. He is friendly and fun.  He makes learning to play the drums exciting. He has taught me lots of cool beats and drumming skills. And I have learned many drum words and phrases. He has given me lots of confidence. Playing the beats and snare solos are my favourite. I enjoy my weekly drum lessons with John.

Curtis Culley

Drum Lessons Drum Teacher Vancouver

 I remember the first time walking into the drumming class with John having my mind set on learning how to drum to rock songs, but ended up learning so much more. He not only deepened my passion to rock music but also sparked my interest towards other genres such as jazz and latin. John never failed to introduce something fun and challenging in class - I always looked forward to them.  John is a very passionate and caring instructor, lucky to have met him!

Eva Zhang

Drum Lessons Drum Teacher Vancouver

My experience with John as my drum teacher was nothing short of wonderful.  John's wide knowledge of different styles of drumming really helped push my creativity and taught me a deeper appreciation for drumming. John's passion to impart knowledge was very apparent.  He always went the extra mile as my drum instructor. John was a true inspiration and his patience and ability to make drumming a fun experience is something I will forever be grateful for.

Spencer Chan