Introduction to Swing

Intro To Swing.

In this first video lesson on Swing I will be covering the basics on getting started.  Firstly, you'll need to be familiar with triplets and the necessary counting involved.  When counting triplets I recommend saying "One and ah, Two and ah, Three and ah, Four and ah".  Spending time working on the accented triplets section in Ted Reed's "Syncopation For The Modern Drummer" will help with this (initially, use the accents to indicate moving to a second drum).  Next, play close attention to the ride cymbal pattern:  notice which counts the ride cymbal plays on(count out loud), notice and develop the motion I outlined.  When adding the feet be sure they play "on" the beat and that they are not being pulled into the "off" beat (especially the basses on counts One and Three).  Be sure to play the bass gently, allowing the ride cymbal and hi hat rhythms to be heard clearly.  Once you have these parts running smoothly and you feel relaxed, move on to developing the snare drum playing "on" the beat and "off" the beat.  The end goal is to have the snare drum be able to play a wide variety of rhythms and to be able to mix them on the fly according to what helps propel the music.  Let's get started!