Snare Drum Study

Alfred's Drum Method

Studying snare drum technique and rhythmic reading is something I highly recommend.  In this video we will take a look at Alfred's Drum Method which is a highly regarded and time tested instruction book for snare drum study.  Alfred's Drum Method presents the many aspects of reading rhythmic notation in a step by step way that makes learning easy and fun.  Besides rhythmic notation you'll learn counting, rudimental sticking patterns, time signatures, dynamic markings, tempo markings, and how they all come together in a piece of music.  Each new concept is presented in a straightforward way that builds upon the previous lesson.  Every few pages there is a summary solo which combines all the material present up to that point.  Studying the snare drum is directly related to playing the drum set.  Everything you learn on the snare drum can be quickly applied to the set by simply spreading the ideas around the drums.