Offer More

Drumroll Offers More Than The Big Studios

In the course of over 20 years as a drum teacher I've worked for some of the biggest and most successful music lessons studios in Greater Vancouver.  During that time I became very aware of the frustrations experienced by students and/or parents as it relates to Big Studio policies:  Schedule inflexibility, high rates and added fees, lost lesson time from students being booked back to back, surprise teacher substitutions and contracts.  Beyond addressing this I offer more still:  Lesson follow-up, lesson material, and student video performances for the enjoyment of family and friends.

Vancouver Drum Lessons Music Lessons

Minimum 15 Minute Gap Between Students

I'm able to offer more time if needed:

  If you're a bit late for your lesson, I can accommodate that.

If we need some extra time at the end of the lesson for questions and clarification, we can do that too.

Flexible Scheduling Available

Weekly, Bi-weekly or intermittent.  Take lessons as often as you like.

Going to miss your regular lesson next week?  No problem and no charge.

Need to change lesson time?  Let's find a way to make it work.

Better Rates, No Added Fees, No Contract

 100% of the fee goes directly to the teacher (me) as opposed to only 50% which is common at most Big Studios.  Because of this my rates are significantly lower than any Big Studio in Vancouver.

No contract and no added fees.  That means if you change your mind about taking lessons you can stop at any time and not lose money.

 Lesson Follow Up Included

Another Important Way I Offer More:

Clarification of concepts between lessons.  Are you stuck on a concept from your previous lessons?

Let's Clear It Up With Text And/or Video Follow-Up

Lesson Material Included

I have a wide selection of the best drum publications available and while I encourage my students to buy some of these drum books, I am able to provide excerpts from them to my students as part of the lesson.

Student Performance Videos Included

I encourage my students to learn a favourite song in its entirety, working to make it performance ready.  At that point I record their performance, edit it and then send it back to them to share with their family and friends.  I also have a graded system of play-along songs for those students who aren't sure what to chose or who might prefer this approach.