Afro Cuban 6/8

Afro-Cuban 6/8 Featuring the Double Paradiddle

In this video lesson I will be presenting the Afro-Cuban 6/8.  The Double Paradiddle is an excellent launching point for this exciting rhythm.  Practice the Double Paradiddle slowly if you are unfamiliar with it.  Playing slowly and deliberately will allow for muscle memory to be established.  Once you have internalized the Double Paradiddle you will be able to add the feet and other alterations.  There are many ways to alter this, a few of which will be outlined in this lesson.  This rhythm originated in West Africa and later evolved in Cuba to give us the exciting and interesting rhythm we hear today.  An excellent resource for African rhythms adapted to the drumset is Billy Martin's: "Riddim: Claves of African Origin".


Ostinato, Featuring The Mambo.

An Ostinato is a short rhythmic pattern, or phrase, which repeats itself throughout a song or section of a song.  The Mambo is a prefect example of the use of an Ostinato, in fact Latin music often makes use of this device.  In this example the Ostinato occurs in the feet with goal being to be able to play whatever we wish in our hands while the feet maintain the steady pattern.  To accomplish this we will be working first with singles ( alternating RL, then LR), doubles ( and their inversions) and the paradiddle (and it's inversions).  When working on this material pay close attention to friction points as they will surely arise.  As I have spoken of in previous videos, being able to identify the friction point is more than half the battle; once you can identify the spot of friction you can fix it by creating a simple exercise of practicing the friction point slowly and deliberately until you feel relaxed.  Next, we work on the authentic mambo hand pattern which should come together well if you've spent time on the previously mentioned steps.  From there we can change the left hand, improvise off of the authentic Mambo hand pattern and even briefly alter the ostinato pattern to create a more spacious feeling.  Jump on those drums and let's get started!