The Shuffle Looking for a fun, challenging and worthwhile beat to work on?  The Shuffle is based on triplets, so getting comfortable with triplets first is the way to go.  When counting triplets we say: “One And Ah,… Read More

A Fun Drum Fill

A Fun And Powerful Drum Fill. This three beat lick is super fun and a very powerful drum fill that will impress your friends and relatives!  This fill idea goes by the name of “Herta”.  Here I show… Read More

Afro Cuban 6/8

Afro-Cuban 6/8 Featuring the Double Paradiddle In this video lesson I will be presenting the Afro-Cuban 6/8.  The Double Paradiddle is an excellent launching point for this exciting rhythm.  Practice the Double Paradiddle slowly if you are unfamiliar… Read More


Ostinato, Featuring The Mambo. An Ostinato is a short rhythmic pattern, or phrase, which repeats itself throughout a song or section of a song.  The Mambo is a prefect example of the use of an Ostinato, in fact… Read More

Basics of Rock 2

Interpreting Rhythms For Rock Fills There are many ways for drummers to interpret rhythms for creating fills, beats and solos.  In this video lesson I will show a few easy ways to use a common and very musical… Read More

16th Note Hi Hat

16th Note Hi-Hat In this video lesson we will be checking out some 16th note hi-hat possibilities based on alternating sticking.  Often drummers will utilize different cymbal treatments over any given snare and bass drum pattern.  This approach… Read More

Up and Down Strokes

Up And Down Strokes/ The Moeller Technique Up and Down Strokes allow drummers to play dynamically by combining soft notes and loud notes in any sequence.  The key concept here is that height equals volume.  Therefore a note… Read More