Flams Flams give drummers the means to thicken up the sound of any given note by adding a grace note alongside the main note. The grace note is played closer to the drum than the main note thereby… Read More

Rebound Strokes

Rebound Strokes Rebound Strokes for wrist development are outlined in this video lesson.  Much of drumming consists of playing from the wrist while using the natural rebound from the drum.  The key component here is to follow the… Read More

Wrist and Finger Strokes Combined

Mixing Wrist and Finger Strokes In this brief video I demonstrate combining wrist and finger strokes.  In previous videos I described in detail strokes originating from the wrist (Rebound Strokes) and later from the fingers (Doubles and Bounces)…. Read More

Buzz Roll

“Drum Roll Please!” That famous line is spoken just before the high dive act or any other feat of daring.  It is commonly known amongst drummers as the Buzz Roll, or Press Roll.  The Buzz Roll is really… Read More

Get A Grip!

Get A Grip! Here I describe in detail the matched stick grip, the most popular stick grip used by the vast majority of drummers. Whether you are just starting drum lessons or have been playing drums for years,… Read More